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Offers Technical and Managerial competences to customers with a view to adding empirical values to customers’ businesses.

Future Driven Technology

Treashpee is committed to enabling state-of-the-art, modern technologies that help our clients break barriers in growth and business expansion

Managed IT

Verve Byte provides ICT support, Data Management, Email Services, Cloud, System Administration, Software, Updates, Backups and Security.

Seamless Business Connectivity

With over a decade of experience, we provide Integrated AV/ICT design, project management and technical support services.

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We Have over 15 Years Experience in ICT Deployment

TREASHPEE NIGERIA LIMITED was incorporated in 2008 to carry out Engineering and ICT projects and services. The company was incorporated to enable us offer Technical and Managerial competences to customers with a view to adding empirical values to customers’ businesses while building human capacity and making reasonable economic advancement.

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Our Core Competencies

Manage IT Support

Our IT Support Services give you total support and effective management of your IT Infrastructures

Security Services

From simple key card systems to advanced biometric technology, we can secure your business premises

Video Conferencing Service

Maintaining sale and service to customers and citizens has rarely been so important, but never so challenging

VHF/UHF Deployment

Our advanced flexible, secure transportable and vehicle-mounted communication systems give you the advantage of rapid deployment in tactical situations

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Fire Alarm System

TreashPee can design and install suitable fire detection and alarm system for you


Our Clients Said

    Paul Victor
    Paul Victor


    Treashpee has a lot of experienced engineers. Since we started using them for major deployment, our cost on rework, repairs reduced by over 50%. They are read to work with your budget and still deliver quality project.

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    Surviving by quality, developing by reputation, increasing efficiency by science and technology.